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A collaboration on HIV-2 infection
Linda Wittkop, France J. Böni (lab),
A. Calmy (clinic)
Diagnosis, natural history, and ART of HIV-2 Infection 13 cohorts from Europe, Africa, North America
5 European cohort collaboration SHCS #816
Flaminia Olearo, HUG A. Calmy,
R. Kouyos
The impact of mutations on the effectiveness of abacavir/lamivudine/dolutegravir regimens prescribed in treatment-experienced patients Europe
Bridging the evolution and epidemiology of HIV in Europe
Christoph Fraser, Oxford University, Oxford H. Günthard,
R. Kouyos
Evolution and Epidemiology of HIV in Europe European Community (UK, Netherlands, Switzerland)
Causal effect of treatment on survival from HIV/AIDS O. Aalen, Norway, 
J. Sterne, Bristol Univ, UK
B. Ledergerber    
Cellular Immune Responses and Immuneactivation against HIV A. Oxenius, ETHZ H. Günthard Study cellular immune responses and activation of CD4 and CD8 cells  
Effect of TDF on HCC incidence A. Rauch, 
G. Wandeler
A. Rauch Assessing the effect of HBV therapy on HCC in HIV-infected patients Europe
European Pregnancy and Paediatric HIV Cohort Collaboration
  T. Klimkait    
HBV outcomes in HIV/HBV-coinfected nd HBV-monoinfected patients in Switzerland G. Wandeler A. Rauch Comparison of HBV virological outcomes between HIV and HIV-uninfected individuals  
HIV Causal Collaboration #498
M. Hernan, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, USA H. Bucher,
M. Egger
When to start HAART? Best initial regimen? When to switch HAART?  12 cohorts from USA and Europe 
International Collaboration for the Genomics of HIV
a consortium of 25 cohorts / studies coordinated by the SHCS J. Fellay A collaborative research effort of all groups active in host genomics of HIV disease America, Europe, Africa, Australia 
Long-term hepatitis B outcomes in HIV-infected patients in southern Africa and Switzerland 
G. Wandeler, ISPM Bern  G. Wandeler,
A. Rauch
HIV/HBV-coinfection cohorts  sub-Saharan Africa 
Kinetics of Hepatitis B Virus markers in treated HIV/HBV-coinfected patients  G. Wandeler,
ISPM Bern 
G. Wandeler,
A. Rauch
Assessing the dynamics of HBV markers in HIV/HBV coinfected patients Europe 
Low HBV Replication and Adherence in Long-term TDF/&ETV-treated HIV-HBV infected patients 
K. Lacombe, Paris  A. Rauch,
G. Wandeler 
Evaluating impact of low-level HBV replication in HIV-infected patients Europe 
Mathematical modelling and spread of HIV drug resistance at the population level in the SHCS S. Bonhoeffer, ETHZ,
T. Stadler, ETHZ
H. Günthard  Poplulation mathematical modelling of spread of HIV drug resistance on the population level   
Modelling hepatitis C treatment-as-preventions strategies  A. Rauch  A. Rauch,
L. Salazar
Evaluation treatment-as-prevention to curb the HCV epidemics  Australia
Multi-cohort study to inform hepatocellular carcinoma screening strategies in HIV/HBV-coinfected individuals on tenofovir-containing therapy  G. Wandeler,
ISPM Bern 
G. Wandeler,
A. Rauch 
Investigating and improving progonstic score for HCC screening in HIV-infected patients  Europe 
Multiple projects in Tanzania  Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Basel  M. Battegay,
H. Furrer 
The evolution of virulence in a human infectious disease: the case study of HIV
J. Herbeck,
V. Müller
H. Günthard HIV virulence over time in large global cohort collaborations  several Western European, American and most likely also African cohorts 
European infant collaboration 
C. Gianquinto, Fondazion Penta-Onlus, Padova, Italy  C. Rudin,
P. Paioni 
Treatment of children  several European 
Population kinetic modelling of metabolic traits in HIV-infected individuals 
C. Czajka, University of Lausanne P. Tarr  Development of a population kinetics model to describe the dynamics and interindividual variability of metabolic traits after ART initiation   
Principals of collaboration with the National Institute for Cancer Epidemiology and Registration (NICER)  R. Heusser, NICER  M. Egger  Linkage study with Swiss CR   
International Cohort Consortium on Infectious Diseases
Amanda Mocroft,
Jens Lundgren 
H. Günthard,
A. Scherrer 
Long term outcomes in HIIV-infected individuals: aging, comorbididies, ART etc.  Europe 
Co-infection with mycobacterium tuberculosis among HIV patients P501 and P663
Jens Lundgren, CHIP, DK  H. Furrer  Co-infection with TB  several Eastern & Western European