Guide for checking charts

event report first or any event? appropriate checking chart




invasive cardiovascular procedures
  • coronary artery by-pass grafting
  • coronary angioplasty / stenting
  • carotic endarterectomy
any invasive cardiovascular procedure
  • haemorrhage
  • infarction
  • subarachnoideal haemorrhage
  • unknown
any stroke

myocardial infarction

any myocardial infarction
end stage renal disease
  • haemodialysis
  • peritoneal dialysis
  • kidney transplantation
first of these events only renal disease
end stage liver disease
  • bleeding from gastric or
    esophageal varices
  • hepatic encephalophathy
    stage III or IV
  • hepatorenal syndrome
  • ascites
  • liver transplantation
first of these events only liver disease
  • AIDS-defining
  • non-AIDS defining, with the exception of non-melanoma skin cancers
first diagnosis of each type of cancer (not relapse)

cancer AIDS defining

cancer non AIDS defining