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X, Y, Z, and the Swiss HIV Cohort Study (SHCS)

Financial support
This study has been financed within the framework of the Swiss HIV Cohort Study, supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (grant #201369), by SHCS project #... and by the SHCS research foundation . The data are gathered by the Five Swiss University Hospitals, two Cantonal Hospitals, 15 affiliated hospitals and 36 private physicians (listed in http://www.shcs.ch/180-health-care-providers).

Members of the Swiss HIV Cohort Study
Abela I, Aebi-Popp K, Anagnostopoulos A, Battegay M, Bernasconi E, Braun DL, Bucher HC, Calmy A, Cavassini M, Ciuffi A, Dollenmaier G, Egger M, Elzi L, Fehr J, Fellay J, Furrer H, Fux CA, Günthard HF (President of the SHCS), Hachfeld A, Haerry D (deputy of "Positive Council"), Hasse B, Hirsch HH, Hoffmann M, Hösli I, Huber M, Jackson-Perry D (patient representatives), Kahlert CR (Chairman of the Mother & Child Substudy), Keiser O, Klimkait T, Kouyos RD, Kovari H, Kusejko K (Head of Data Centre), Labhardt N, Leuzinger K, Martinez de Tejada B, Marzolini C, Metzner KJ, Müller N, Nemeth J, Nicca D, Notter J, Paioni P, Pantaleo G, Perreau M, Rauch A (Chairman of the Scientific Board), Salazar-Vizcaya L, Schmid P, Speck R, Stöckle M (Chairman of the Clinical and Laboratory Committee), Tarr P, Trkola A, Wandeler G, Weisser M, Yerly S.


version July 2023