letter of intent
letter of intent

full proposal
letter of intent

peer review
letter of intent

Administrative information

The name of all investigators of each centre involved in the project should be mentioned. It is understood that they have all agreed to participate actively in the submitted proposal. The chief of the unit/lab has to approve the proposal.

For each project, a responsible and a principle investigator has to be identified (see who can submit).

150 words maximum. The author should provide a running title and the complete title for announcement on the website of the SHCS in case of acceptance.


Own research in the field

Study aims and objectives

Study design and research plan

Study budget

Note the 4 phases of a project: preparation, operation, data analysis, manuscript writing

Specify the following costs: personnel, laboratory tests, specimen retrieval, reimbursement to the participating centres, special tasks requested from the data centre, diverse

Sample retrieval is paid according to the number of samples and not the number of aliquots:

The budget may be modified by the Scientific Board (SB) and has to be approved by the Executive Board. If the authors do not agree with the allocated budget, they should immediately notify the president of the SHCS, particularly if they think that the whole project cannot be fully carried out with the allocated funds. In principle, supplement funding at a later stage will not be possible.

The budget must comply with the rules of the Swiss National Science Foundation (www.snf.ch).

Other information


Please attach whatever information you feel would help support the submission. Such information includes: