letter of intent
letter of intent

full proposal
letter of intent

peer review
letter of intent

Types of proposals

In order to simplify the procedure of application for research projects, the Scientific Board (SB) supports the following two steps in research proposals.

Letter of intent
(1-3 pages)
The purpose of a letter of intent is to inform the SB about a plan for a scientific project. A preliminary discussion of such a proposal will help the investigators to finalize their project within a major scope of the scientific agenda of the SHCS. The SB will also make suggestions for additional study aims or research groups to be included in the final project.

The letter of intent will include a short general description of the research question, the rationale and the resources likely to be needed. Minimum requirements include:


Full proposal
The detailed description of the study should concisely present all the information necessary to permit a complete assessment of the proposal. In general, it should consist of 10 pages or less.

For proposals that only require the use of SHCS data but no financial support, about 3 pages will usually suffice.

The template full proposal shows all information required.


Fast-track proposal
For fast-track proposals, rapid decisions may be taken by e-mail but they are limited to very special circumstances.


At each step, the SB will get back to the investigators in order to avoid unnecessary efforts if a project is not felt to be worth pursuing or if coordination with other projects is necessary.