Abbott Swiss HIV cohort grant 2006-2011

2011  1st prizes
ex aequo
Cardiovascular disease outcome in HIV infected patients: A retrospective cohort analysis
Alexandra Calmy et al.
Viral genotype as study phenotype in human genome-wide association analysis
Jacques Fellay et al.
1st prize Measuring the heritability of set-point viral load in HIV-1 infections 
Samuel Alizon et al.
2nd prize Prevalence of HEV infection among SHCS participants with unexplained consecutive ALT elevations
Alain Kenfak et al.
2009 1st prize Immunogenetic andgenomic analysis of severe HIV disease
Amalio Telenti
2nd prize Ultra-deep sequencing of HIV: a pilot study evaluating the benefit for predicting therapy outcome
Osvaldo Zagordi et al.
2008  1st prizes
ex aequo
Prevalence of proximal renal tubulopathy in tenofovir-treated patients within the SHCS
Christoph Fux et al.
Host Genetics in Hepatitis C Virus Infection
Andri Rauch et al.
2007  1st prize Impact of HIV and antiretroviral therapy on hepatitis C virus evolution and HCV-specific cellular immunity
Andri Rauch et al.
2nd prize Cognitive disorders in HIV-infected patients in the HAART era in Geneva and Lausanne: a feasibility and therapeutic studies
Renaud Arthur Du Pasquier et al.
2006  1st prize Prospective evaluation of non-invasive fibrosis assessment and breath test for quantification of liver function in patients with HIV/HCV-coinfection
Patrick Schmid et al.
2nd prize Antiretroviral therapy of HIV-infected intravenous drug users and persons in a drug addiction treatment program: The Swiss HIV Cohort Study
Milo Huber et al.